Around the world with the Adelita raspberry

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Around the world with the Adelita raspberry

Adelita raspberries from Michoacan, Mexico are preparing for their next international photo-op, this time at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany this February.adelita

FreshKampo marketing specialist Tony Aguilar spoke to about this new, jet-setting berry variety and the "Around the world with Adelita" campaign, launched at the Produce Marketing Association's Fresh Connections in New Orleans in October.

The campaign highlights the travel durability of Adelita, by asking passers-by to pose for a photo next to a smiling raspberry, ready with her luggage in hand.

"The idea is that the frame travels to all of the conferences that we attend around the world to capture different nationalities and tell the story of Adelita," Aguilar said.

FreshKampo begin working with the Adelita variety recently and launched its marking effort during the past year.

Aguilar said the berry's durability has helped the fruit avoid more extensive damages in Michoacan this season, where growers have experienced unseasonal rains and cold.

Although Michoacan normally experiences its rainy season from June to September, Aguilar said the berry growing region has experienced extended rains during the past month of up to three or four days at a time.

Although damages are expected across different berry crops, blackberries fared the worst, he said. As a result, a greater proportion of fruit is expected to go to jellies and other types of processing.

For the moment, Aguilar indicated that the Adelita variety has performed better under the adverse weather conditions.

"One of the distinct characteristics of Adelita is that more is harvested on cloudy days than when the temperature rises," he said.

Alongside size and color, Aguilar said Adelita's durability has been a selling point for the fruit.

"Adelita is a much bigger fruit than other varieties. It is almost double the size and has a strong rose color. One of the attractive characteristics for distributors and supermarkets is that it is a very strong variety," he said.

Unlike many other raspberries varieties, he added that Adelita does not leave red juice stains.

"Normally with blackberries and strawberries, they leave stains. Adelita is a fruit that does not leave liquids. It holds up a lot and on longer trips, so it can arrive to more places without fear that it will have poor quality," he said.

Aguilar said the company is gearing Adelita up for more extensive travels and conference appearances. Michoacan's berry availability extends from October to May.

Photo: Adelita in New Orleans, FreshKampo

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