Guatemalan bananas continue export growth

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Guatemalan bananas continue export growth

Guatemalan banana sales increased by 25% last year, rising to US$623.4 million in value, reported.

Exports continued to follow an upward trend, growing 21% in total volume, up to 43.8 million units. Over the past 10 years, the official bananas_ffpcommercial record indicates that the nation's banana exports grew 197%, the publication said.

The international price for each unit also rose by 2.7% to an average price of US$14.23.

The U.S. was registered as the largest buyer of the fruit with US$596 million in sales or a 95% share. In the U.S., Guatemalan bananas enjoy duty-free status.

Other importers include Europe and Asia.

Guatemala ranks as the third largest exporter of bananas worldwide, behind Costa Rica and Colombia, according to the Association of Independent Banana Producers. For overall production, Guatemala ranks seventh.

The nation's largest production zone is Escuintla with a third of total planted area at over 18,000 Ha, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.


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