Environmentally friendly scales developed for Peruvian banana industry

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Environmentally friendly scales developed for Peruvian banana industry

The act of weighing organic bananas for export has become easier for growers in the northern Peruvian region of Piura, with the help of a technological initiative to develop light, portable, foldable, solar-powered scales. Peru scales bananas - Andina

Press agency Andina reported the technology was developed by professionals from the Universidad de Piura, private company Balanzas Murguía EIRL with financial support from government fund Innóvate Perú Fidecom.

Initiative coordinator told the agency the focus in product development was sustainability.

"For that, four prototypes of scales were designed that were compact, collapsible and light with seals against dust and water, integrating the use of solar energy through photovoltaic panels," Sánchez was quoted as saying.

The story reported that due to the conditions were scales are normally kept for organic banana production, every so often there were cases of poor calibration or the deterioration of scales, increasing the cost of production while impacting competitiveness with other products.

Two of the scales have a maximum capacity of 5kg (11lbs), while the other two have capacities of 20kg and 50kg.

"This allows you to take the scale to distant places, and it gives you autonomy for several days. In addition, with the use of this technology you contribute to environmental conservation," project researcher Gerardo Estrada was quoted as saying.

The scales have also been presented to other sectors that could potentially use the technology, such as fishing, mining and table grape industries.

Photo: Andina/Difusion


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