South African grape season winds down

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South African grape season winds down

Table grape packing is either done or finishing up in the majority of South Africa's growing regions, with total intakes down by close to 5.9 million cartons year-on-year in the season to week 8. black grapes sq

A report from the South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) said cumulative exports to the period reached 35.36 million cartons, with more than half the fruit shipped to Northern Europe.

The country's Northern Province joined Orange River to have its harvest wrapped up, while the majority of packing activities had been completed for the season in the Oliphants River region. Volumes were declining in the Berg River area with good quality fruit and expectations that packing would finish in either week 11 or 12.

Growers in the Hex Valley River region were still pumping out volumes however, with "very good" color development reported for red and black varieties.

In the two weeks to week 8, South Africa's table grape exports were down 32% year-on-year, with a more pronounced fall in shipments to Northern Europe and a less marked drop of 11% to the U.K. Exports to the Middle East rose by more than a quarter for the fortnight, while South East Asia received 38% less fruit.


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