Banana Rain campaign brings rewards to Canary Islands group

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Banana Rain campaign brings rewards to Canary Islands group

The Association of Banana Producers of the Canaries (ASPROCAN) has won a prestigious award for its marketing campaign 'Banana Rain'. bestpack14_zps0716b534 1

The Best Pack Award for best integrated supply 2013 was given to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife-based association for its recent advertising campaign which promotes the virtues of branded bananas from the Canary Islands, Plátano de Canarias.

As part of the campaign, television commercials have been screened in mainland Spain and the Canary Islands which depict a hot air balloon 'raining' bananas which are parachuted down to onlookers below.

Other commercials were also screened throughout 2013 and the 'Banana Rain' campaign was well publicized via social media channels. In addition, promotions including the sponsorship of Spain's first-tier men's professional basketball league formed part of the integrated marketing drive.

The Endesa basketball league was first sponsored by Plátano de Canarias last year. The on-going promotion donated five kilos of Canarian bananas to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks every time a team in the league scores a triple point. The bananas are then distributed to various charities to help the underprivileged.

A spokesman for ASPROCAN said the organization teamed up with Agr!, a Spanish advertising agency, to work on the winning campaign and both entities were 'very pleased' to pick up the award in the foods and beverage category at a ceremony in Barcelona earlier in April.

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