Brazil plans organic food promotions for World Cup

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Brazil plans organic food promotions for World Cup

As host of this June’s World Cup, Brazil will aim to take full advantage of the spotlight by promoting organic and sustainable foods to consumers. Brazilian football jersey small - Thomas

The nation’s Ministry of Agriculture announced a US$400,000 educational initiative at the beginning of the month to disseminate information on organic production and its potential benefits.

Once finalized, the plan will carry out a national Organic Week at the end of May and a campaign called "Brazil Organic and Sustainable" to take place during the World Cup.

"The campaign is based largely on promotions during events with the largest possible number of consumers participating and events that attract spontaneous media coverage to help share the importance of consuming organic products," the Ministry of Agriculture’s press office told

"It will take advantage of the movement passing through cities hosting games, resulting in a large concentration of people from Brazil and abroad and calling attention to the importance of organic products."

Organic Week has been held in Brazil since 2005 and has continued to spread to a greater number of cities.

"Production and consumption of organic products are growing significantly in Brazil. Proof of this growing demand is the rise in imports of organic products from various parts of the world to meet Brazilian consumer demand," the ministry said.

The ministry reported more than 2,000 organic product registrations from abroad for export to Brazil.

Photo: Thomás, via Flickr Creative Commons

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