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FLIA 2016: Outspan character tells zesty 'seed to plate' story

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FLIA 2016: Outspan character tells zesty 'seed to plate' story

South African produce giant Capespan sits alongside nine other nominations for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA) 2016. As part of our ongoing series, www.freshfruitportal.com takes a closer look at the promotional character for one of its fresh fruit flagship brands, Outspan.

Meet Outspan Sam, a fun character promoting 'top of mind' awareness for Capespan consumers whilst educating children on South African citrus.

Outspan Sam narrates a series of fun and educational videos telling the story of Capespan's citrus, taking viewers on a journey which blends animation with real life footage from South African farms and elsewhere.

"The Outspan Sam digital campaign focuses on the production process from 'Seed to plate'," says a Capespan spokesperson.

"[It's about] educating consumers on how the product is grown, packed and shipped to the point where it ends up on the shelf, ready to be purchased by the end-consumer."

The campaign focuses on the natural and healthy environment of the product and the care that is taken to grow, select and pack citrus as well as compounding Outspan's heritage dating back more than 75 years.

"Consumers today are very focused on food safety - especially in Asia - and the natural goodness of a product like fresh fruit.

"The campaign also educates children on the seasonal aspect of fruit and how this impacts the availability and sourcing of fruit globally to ensure that they can enjoy the product all the year round."

Consumers can access the clips through QR codes applied to packaging and in-store point of sale material.

"We are very proud to be nominated for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2016," adds the spokesperson.


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