Super Bowl space avocados ad scores touchdown

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Super Bowl space avocados ad scores touchdown

The recent Avocados from Mexico TV commercial was a huge hit during the U.S. Super Bowl, when millions of viewers tuned in for the biggest sporting event of the year.

The ad, 'Avos in Space', has been voted among the most popular commercials screened during this year’s Super Bowl where the Denver Broncos stormed to victory over the Carolina Panthers with a final score of 24-10.

According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, which has been ranking the most successful Super Bowl ads for 28 consecutive years, 'Avocados in Space' ranked number 17 out of its list of 63 commercials.

The publication’s Ad Meter is considered one of the country’s most closely watched gauges of advertising success. It gives 'Avocados in Space' an average rating of 5.52 out of 10 and lists votes coming from North Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Delaware, Rhode Island and Oregon.

The humorous ad shows a group of aliens touring an outer space museum filled with exhibits from Earth including the Rubik’s Cube and the 'emoji' alphabet before introducing avocados from Mexico.

"Most amazing of all were the avocados from Mexico," says an alien character.

"They're always in season, so you can enjoy them all year long,” he adds, as the extraterrestrials tuck into a bowl of guacamole and chips. 

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