Australia: Freshmax prepares the ground for Sumo mandarin campaign

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Australia: Freshmax prepares the ground for Sumo mandarin campaign

Freshmax Australia is upbeat about this year's Sumo mandarin season, which is set to start in mid-July with more significant volumes as trees mature. Sumo Citrus 2016 season Freshmax - long

In a release, the company said the fruit would be available in Woolworths stores in all states as well as on the retailer's online store, with around 50,000 trays expected.

The variety - known for its 'top-knot' and bumpy, bright skin - is the result of a Japanese breeder's decision 40 years ago to cross the easy-to-peel nature of the Japanese Satsuma with juicy, sweet California oranges.

"Sumo Citrus™ mandarins have grown to become a much anticipated fruit for consumer’s to add to their shopping baskets. This year marks their fourth year on Australian supermarket shelves - the appetite amongst Australian consumers just seems to grow with each year, which is great news," Justin Kusselke of Cross Farms Curlwaa, NSW said in the release.

"Each year we learn more and more about the growing habits and challenges of the variety - when is best to pick the fruit, how best to cure the fruit after harvest, what temperature variance is acceptable in transport. We hand pick each and every Sumo Citrus™ Mandarin - although they look big and tough, the peel is actually very tender.

"We hope to begin harvesting in early July and the hand picking process means we will still be picking long after consumers have started to enjoy the first waves of this year’s crop."

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