U.K.: Tesco to sell 'wonky' cucumbers, courgettes

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U.K.: Tesco to sell 'wonky' cucumbers, courgettes

British retailer Tesco is adding new products to its 'Perfectly Imperfect' range as the ugly produce category grows in popularity. Imperfectly Perfect cucumbers edit

The latest release is its ‘wonky’ cucumbers, sold at a price of £0.35 per 100g.

"Providing great quality produce at low prices is clearly something our customers find really helpful, and we’re expecting our new Perfectly Imperfect cucumbers to prove just as popular as the rest of the range," said Tesco's commercial director for fresh food and commodities, Matt Simister.

"We want to do everything we can to cut food waste, and we’ll continue to do more to help our suppliers and customers reduce the amount of food that is wasted from farm to fork."

The company plans to expand the range to include 10 different types of fruit and vegetables, with Perfectly Imperfect courgettes (zucchini) set to go on sale next week.

Tesco's sales of wonky fruits and vegetables have grown 10-fold since the range was introduced, while sales have trebled for wonky apples and doubled for wonky parsnips.

U.K. retailer Waitrose also has its own wonky produce range, as does Asda.


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