Eosta fruit brand launches new wrapper to raise awareness about insects

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Eosta fruit brand launches new wrapper to raise awareness about insects

Colorful fruit wrappers have been around for more than a century, but are these days rarely seen in greengrocers or supermarkets.

However, with the launch of the Bug wrap, organic specialist Nature & More is both reintroducing the wrapper and giving it a whole new, modern twist.

Available with organic South African Sunvalley oranges, the Bug fruit wrapper can be turned into a fun, interactive beetle, while at the same allowing young consumers to learn more about how organic farmers work with nature and insects in particular.

To turn the wrapper into a Bug, all you need to do is twirl the four corners into legs, place the wrapper gently and loosely over the orange and give your new friend a small push. When Bug goes ‘for a walk,’ it will put a smile on your face and is already proving a big hit with kids and cats.

Nature & More is using the wrapper to inform children of all ages about the important role that insects play in organic agriculture. By entering the letters Bug at www.natureandmore.com, they can learn about how organic farmers are using beneficial insects to combat harmful pests.

Furthermore, the special webpage focusses on the hugely important role of the bumblebee in healthy agriculture and has a section about soil life. It all comes down to farming in harmony with nature instead of trying to control conditions with chemicals.

Currently, the organic Sunvalley oranges (code 218 at natureandmore.com) are being wrapped in the special paper and, based on the positive feedback the initiative has already received, there are expectations the wrapper will be used throughout the year.


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