U.S. weekly mango arrival volumes up nearly three-fold

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U.S. weekly mango arrival volumes up nearly three-fold

The volume of mangoes that arrived in the U.S. market in week 46 was nearly three-fold higher year-on-year, according to the National Mango Board (NMB). mango-thai-shutterstock_77097607

In a weekly crop report, the organization said arrivals had increased 177% from 683,471 boxes during the same week last season to 1,897,597 boxes this year.

Fruit from Ecuador and Brazil represent the largest import volumes in the market at the moment, with the former responsible for more than 90%.

The Ecuadorian season began significantly earlier than normal this year.

According to the NMB, the Andean country shipped approximately 982,080 boxes in week 46 for a total of 8,657,206 boxes for the season.

At this stage last year, however, total volume shipped for the season was less than half that figure - 4,232,229 boxes.

The Ecuadorian season began in September and will run until January, with a projection of approximately 13.1 million boxes to be shipped.

The country's main varieties are Tommy Atkins (65%), Kent (18%), and Ataulfo (15%).

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