Pazazz apples to hit U.S., Canadian markets 'earlier than ever before'

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Pazazz apples to hit U.S., Canadian markets 'earlier than ever before'

A relatively new apple variety developed by Honeybear Brands is expected to hit U.S. and Canadian shelves a month earlier this year, just in time for holiday parties and seasonal entertaining. pazazz-apple

In a release, the company said Pazazz apples were now in their third commercial season with significantly higher volumes than ever before, and would be sold at retail outlets Hy-Vee, Loblaws and Wegmans.

The fruit is expected to hit the market this week and will be available through February while supplies last.

Special in-store demonstrations of Pazazz will also occur the second week in January at select stores at each of the three retail chains. Dates and exact store locations for demonstration events will be announced in early January.

All market launches will be supported by an integrated marketing and promotions campaign from Honeybear Brands including in-store POS materials, targeted advertising, social media marketing and communications to apple-loving consumers.

"It's smashed every retail goal we set, and thanks to the natural maturing of the crop this season as well as the increase in volume of fruit produced by our family-owned farms across the United States and Canada, we’re able to bring Pazazz to market even earlier than usual. This is great news for grocery store shoppers and lovers of fresh holiday treats alike," Honeybear Brands vice president of sales and marketing Don Roper said in a release.

The group described Pazazz as the star of its varietal development program, which now has close to 100 varieties in various stages of pre-commercial growing, testing and production.

The variety, which is expected to roll out nationally in 2018, is grown by small family orchards up and down the Mississippi River Valley in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as in Washington, New York and Nova Scotia.

The variety is also currently being tested with growing partners in the Southern Hemisphere to potentially increase Pazazz’s in-season availability to retailers and their customers in the United States and Canada.

"We’re thrilled to be able to partner with industry-leading retailers like Hy-Vee, Wegmans and Loblaw stores in this exclusive early sneak peek at Pazazz this year," Roper said.

"We’re convinced it will help drive extra holiday sales of a unique, new featured item as well as give us a real indication of what we can expect at retail during the busy January and February sales season when Pazazz is available at more retailers nationwide."

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