Spain's Carrefour supermarkets to phase out paper receipts -

Spain's Carrefour supermarkets to phase out paper receipts

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Spain's Carrefour supermarkets to phase out paper receipts

The Carrefour supermarket chain in Spain has taken the first step toward eliminating paper receipts at the checkouts of its stores, proving its customers with the option of receiving a digital version. clementines_70840582

Local media reported the French-headquartered company intends to reduce the use of these receipts by 70%, as well as digitizing the main processes at its central offices through its Papel 0 (Zero paper) initiative.

The supermarket's Mi Carrefour app allows customers to select a 'no paper' option when purchasing goods or using discount coupons. The company is now notifying its million or so users of its app that they can now choose a paperless transaction at checkouts.

The company, which has 175 hypermarkets, 114 supermarkets and 538 convenience stores throughout Spain, says it intends to systematically eliminate the use of paper receipts.

German-owned Lidl announced in December that it would no longer provide paper receipts at its 100 supermarkets in Switzerland in a bid to reduce costs and contribute to protecting the environment, according to the story.

Carrefour says that in the meantime, it will improve the efficiency of its printing as it moves toward digitization. It will also be replacing traditional waste paper bins with recycling zones in its stores.



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