China: Yiguo lists fresh fruit bestsellers

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China: Yiguo lists fresh fruit bestsellers

With Chinese New Year fast approaching for Jan. 28, one of China's leading online fruit traders has released its top 10 bestseller fresh fruit items from 2016.

These items are clearly not ranked by volume, but the list gives a clear indication of popular fruits that have been able to capture value in a demanding market:

  1. Zespri organic green kiwifruit
  2. Japanese strawberries
  3. U.S. Sunkist oranges
  4. Xinjiang Aksu Candy Heart apples
  5. Chilean cherries
  6. Xinjiang Korla pears
  7. Chinese Changying-branded importd bananas
  8. Chilean blueberries
  9. Chilean avocados
  10. Vietnamese dragon fruit


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