Eosta to launch pillbox-themed brand as 'alternative to pharma drugs'

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Eosta to launch pillbox-themed brand as 'alternative to pharma drugs'

Dutch organic fresh produce marketer Eosta is to launch a new brand called Health Wonders, under which a new range of nutrition-rich roots will be sold in a pillbox format to challenge pharmaceutical sector "orthodoxies". 

The brand's products will be available in supermarkets and natural food stores across Europe.

The company said more than 60% of deaths each year were caused by diseases like heart disease or diabetes, which are often linked to a poor diet. As a result, it said, fruits and vegetables could have an important role to play when it comes to proactive, preventative health care.

Health Wonders will focus on a range of roots, including several that are not widely known, found to deliver positive health benefits, such as ginger, turmeric and ginseng.

Using the slogan ‘Back to your Roots’, Health Wonders will launch with turmeric and will be followed with a series of other roots, each sold in distinctive, pillbox-style packaging that emphasises the range’s ability, in some cases, to function as an alternative to mainstream, pharmaceutical drugs.

Health Wonders will be launched at Fruit Logistica 2017 in Berlin on Feb. 9, with three actors set to perform at sketch at the Eosta/Nature & More stand.

“The whole health domain has been occupied for years by vested interests who are focused more on making money than helping people. The wisdom behind Health Wonders has been around for thousands of year and most consumers realise that their wellbeing depends on good food, so under the slogan, ‘Back to your Roots’, we decided to introduce this range of products," Eosta CEO Volkert Engelsman said.

“We are starting with turmeric which will be marketed by a campaign that says, ‘Do you also suffer from Big Pharma? Well, maybe you should consider going to your greengrocer and buying some turmeric’.

“The roots will be sold in a little pill pack – as you would buy medicines – and will include a little, light-hearted folder with the ‘side effects’, such are consuming turmeric will give you yellow fingers. Or if you take the whole issue of pills and alcohol, well we encourage a good glass of wine while enjoying a nice meal with turmeric.”

He added this had "enormous potential" both in health terms and commercially, which had been "ignored by the fresh produce sector for too long"




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