Peru: ProCitrus forecasts "similar" 2017 season

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Peru: ProCitrus forecasts

The Peruvian Citrus Growers Association (ProCitrus) says volumes will likely be similar in 2017 but a lack of water in key growing regions could mean the fruit is smaller in size, reported. 

ProCitrus managing director Sergio del Castillo said last year the country produced 1.1 million metric tons (MT) of citrus, of which 127,000MT were exported.

The vast majority of exports came from the mandarin and tangelo category at a level of 115,000MT, coming from a total crop of 350,000MT, the story reported.

The South American nation grew 450,000MT of oranges of which 10,000MT were exported, while the remainder of domestic citrus production was made of lemons, limes and to a lesser degree grapefruit.

"I think in this campaign the participation will be similar to 2016. Mandarins will possibly continue gaining participation as it's a citrus crop that keeps growing, especially the late mandarins," Del Castillo was quoted as saying.

"This year we'll have smaller volumes (below 55mm or 2.1 inches) than what we had projected."

Apart from Japan, where Del Castillo said he was hopeful market access would be gained to start exports this year, the story reported three specialists from the Dominican Republic recently visited Peru to inspect citrus and grape farms with a plan to open up the market for both crops. 

"We have requests from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Indonesia. In the Americas and Europe we have already opened almost all markets and where we have to work is Asia, always in terms of mandarins which is the citrus fruit we are identified by in the world," the executive told the publication.

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