January stats signal tough markets for Chilean fresh fruit exports

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January stats signal tough markets for Chilean fresh fruit exports

Volume rose substantially while value fell as average prices declined by a quarter, according to a bulletin published by Chile's Office of Agricultural Research and Policy (ODEPA) yesterday. 

Chilean fresh fruit export volumes increased by 23.5% year-on-year in January to hit 230,913 metric tons (MT), but a sharp fall in the price of most commodities drove returns lower for the period.

In its recent bulletin, ODEPA said exports fell of 39% to US$544.95 million.

The group attributed this fall in part to a reduction of average prices from US$3.13/kg in January last year to US$2.36 last month.

However, it also highlighted the figure did not include a 'value variation report' (IVV in Spanish) which can be adjusted within six months of the declaration of shipments due to their consignment nature.

For example, the pre-IVV figure in January, 2016 was US$585 million but once the IVV was obtained the number rose to US$895 million. That means on like-for-like pre-IVV levels, values last month fell by just 7%.

Table grapes and nectarines accounted for an important portion of the rise in volume, in which there was more fruit for practically all major categories except cherries and blueberries, which had earlier seasons this campaign.

While prices fell for most crops, lemon prices rose 76% to an average of US$1.32/kg, while increases were also seen in prices for apples (+8%) and avocados (+7%).

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