Chilean plums fail Chinese inspections twice in March

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Chilean plums fail Chinese inspections twice in March

Chinese phytosanitary inspectors blocked two separate consignments of Chilean plums in the first half of March this year, citing different reasons for each one. 

The incidents occurred at the of Shenzhen Enter-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, which lies on the border between Hong Kong and mainland China. 

According to the agency, on March 3 a shipment of Chilean plums weighing 21.6 metric tons (MT) failed the inspection criteria because of signs of mould. The fruit was returned back to the South American country.

The second case took place on March 13, when a consignment of 22MT was rejected as the pesticide residues on the fruit were said to have exceeded China's limits. 

In early March the same inspection agency reported it had detected the Monilinia fructicola plant pathogen in a shipment of Australian nectarines on Feb. 5.


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