Peru seeks to commercialize native pushgay berry

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Peru seeks to commercialize native pushgay berry

Peruvian public entity Sierra y Selva Exportadora is carrying out a research project that aims to commercialize the blueberry-like fruit called the pushgay berry. 

The entity is working alongside La Molina Agricultural University to assess the how the berry, also known as the Andean blueberry, could be brought from its native region of Cajamarca to other areas of the country.

Plans to domesticate the fruit had originally been developed in Cajamarca with the National berry Program

Project coordinator Antonietta Gutiérrez Rosati said native berries had enormous potential in both domestic and international markets, highlighting the pushgay had around three times the levels of antioxidants than main blueberry variety in Peru - Biloxi.

She also said the project was seeking to establish commercial production of the fruit as a means to provide the blueberry industry with a new variety.

"The rusticity of these wild species makes it harder to adapt them to the climatic conditions of the country," she said.

"They can therefore reach a balance where for example the diseases that affect blueberries do not affect the pushgay, as it is a more rustic plant, highly productive and it can also fetch high prices in the global market as it is a good organic and ecological product."

Gutiérrez Rosati said the research was long-term, and important collections of plant material would be made over the next two years to establish clonal banks. Following that, the research will focus on the plant genetics.

She added the project would involve regional and local governments, the private sector and universities.


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