Chilean police nab gang of avocado thieves

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Chilean police nab gang of avocado thieves

Chile's Investigative Police (PDI) have arrested a gang dedicated to stealing avocados in the area of San Esteban in Los Andes, Radio Bío-Bío reported. 

Danitza Vargas of the PDI's Theft Investigation Brigade told the radio station the group was made up of five men who were caught in the sector Las Bandurrias.

 "The subjects were intercepted as they left an agricultural property in a vehicle with the markings Subaru of a coach model, and five sacks and five backpacks - all full of export avocados - were recovered with a total weight of 250 kilos (551lbs)," Vargas told the radio station.

She said this type of theft was common in the area given the current market conditions for avocados, the story reported.

According to the U.S. Agricultural Marketing Service, on June 9 Hass avocados were sold at an average per unit price of US$1.53 at retail, or US$0.99 per pound. 

In Chile, the country's Office of Agricultural Research and Policy (ODEPA) reported a price of 2,362CLP (US$3.57) per kilo (2.2lbs) on average for first grade Hass avocados at the Lo Valledor Market in Santiago. 


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