AMI's European apple forecast looks very grim -

AMI's European apple forecast looks very grim

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AMI's European apple forecast looks very grim

Less than a month has passed since Freshfel general delegate Philippe Binard described the damages wrought by spring frosts across Europe as "unprecedented", and now Bonn, Germany-based Agricultural Market Information Company (AMI) has made a dire preliminary forecast for the European apple crop. 

The research group has projected apple harvest losses in Europe could be as high as 50%, endangering the continuous supply of markets, website reported. 

In Germany itself, AMI is predicting potential harvest reductions of up to 70% in the Lake Constance region, but in the northern Niederelbe area losses may be less pronounced at around 10%.

The story reported AMI's projections for losses in other major growing regions as well, including Poland (50-60%), Belgium (65-70%), the Netherlands (30-35%), Austria (45-50%), Italy (20-25%) and the Balkans (50-80%).

Only Spain and the U.K. managed to escape the damages, AMI was quoted as stating. 

The group emphasized these estimates were just based on trends and it was too early to give exact forecasts, the story reported.

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