Giumarra partners with largest U.S. persimmon grower

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Giumarra partners with largest U.S. persimmon grower

The company believes there is "enormous potential" to bring what is now a niche product to the greater population. 

U.S. fresh produce distributor Giumarra Companies has announced it will be partnering with leading domestic persimmon grower MPG, Inc. to market the fruit staring from late August.

MPG has extensive acreage of Fuyu and Hachiya persimmons in California’s San Joaquin Valley, and also partners with Spanish persimmon growers for sourcing fruit once the domestic season is over, therefore extending the opportunity for programs into February.

"The quality for the upcoming season will be excellent,” says Giumarra Reedley director of sales Jeannine Martin.

"Persimmons have a niche consumer fan base and there is enormous potential to bring them to the greater population. We are expecting a harvest of around 1 million cases, which includes fruit from both California and Spain."

The persimmons will be available early, beginning at the end of August. Fuyu persimmons will be offered in one-layer cartons or 2-lb. high graphic handle bags in a 31.5-lb. master case and other specialized program packaging, both bearing the Kaylee™ brand developed by MPG and Giumarra’s Nature’s Partner brand.  

Hachiya persimmons will be shipped in a one-layer carton or consumer packs in counts of 10, 11, or 12. 

MPG head of operations Vannak Thol

“We want retailers, dietitians, and consumers to know that this versatile fall fruit is delicious and an excellent source of fiber and vitamin A,” says Giumarra's western region business director Kellee Harris.

“To help promote health and flavor, we developed a selection of health-conscious recipes highlighting persimmons to show consumers that they are a great addition to a variety of snacks and meals, including soups and salads.”

Fall California persimmon shipments will conclude Dec. 1, with Spanish persimmons available from November through February. Spanish persimmons will arrive via the Port of Philadelphia.

MPG head of operations Vannak Thol said the company was "very honored" to be working with Giumarra to bring its persimmons to market through an extensive marketing and sales network.

"Giumarra and MPG share a passion for growing and are equally dedicated to bringing high quality fruit to consumers," Thol said.

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