Mountain papaya: The new Chilean tropical fruit now available in the US

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Mountain papaya: The new Chilean tropical fruit now available in the US

Grown in Chile and available year-round, the Mountain papaya is a highly aromatic, up-and-coming tropical fruit that recently debuted in the U.S. market.

The fruit is packed with the papain enzyme, a substance known for helping our body break down proteins into peptides and amino acids.

Mountain papaya is green, maturing yellow to orange, and is commonly called Papaya Andina or Papayuela. The inner white pulp is edible and is usually cooked as a vegetable. 

Weighing around a quarter-pound a piece, Ecoripe Tropicals President Marc Holbik told the papaya is native to the Andes, from southern Colombia to Northern Chile.

“Our production comes from the Coquimbo region of Northern Chile and is GLOBALG.A.P. certified. We are just introducing to the market here in the United States,” Holbik said.

Ecoripe packs the papayas in 7 lb boxes, with 24 to 28 fruits per container, available from the firm’s PrimusGFS-certified facility in Miami, Florida.

“We have the ability to bring in fresh product by air on a weekly basis to our PrimusGFS-certified distribution facility here in Medley, Florida, where we also carry a line of over 70 tropical and exotic produce items,” the executive added.

While Mountain papayas enjoy a healthy domestic market demand in Chile, Ecoripe is presently exploring new destinations for this product, with a special interest in the U.S. market.

How to enjoy a Mountain papaya

Although papayas can be eaten raw, Mountain papayas are mainly consumed cooked to preserve their papain enzyme concentration. They can also be used to make jams, desserts, smoothies, and infusions.

Recipe: Papayuela jam


6 fresh, ripe Mountain papayas

1 liter of water 

1 cup sugar 

  1. Wash the Mountain papayas 
  2. Peel, open, and remove the papaya seeds 
  3. Cut the Mountain Papaya into julienne strips and place it in the pot with sugar and water
  4. Boil for 40 minutes in high heat 
  5. Allow it to cool and enjoy 


All photos courtesy of Ecoripe Tropicals.

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