U.S. and Peru to cooperate on biotech, germplasm development

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U.S. and Peru to cooperate on biotech, germplasm development

The U.S. and Peru are set to work together in the development of biotechnology and exchange information and experiences regarding germplasm banks. 

This was announced by U.S. Ambassador to Peru Krishna R. Urs during a meeting with Agriculture Minister José Manuel Hernández.

Urs said the U.S. was willing to support the Andean country by way of training in the management and genetic conservation of seeds, as well as the use of technology to improve agricultural production.

As part of the meeting, Urs and Hernández also expressed an interest in boosting two-way agricultural trade between the countries.

The diplomat highlighted the prestige of Peruvian coffee and cacao, which are in increasing demand in the U.S. He also mentioned the U.S. was interested in importing Amazonic fruits due to their nutritional properties.

"We are working with products that 25 years ago were not known or exported, like mangoes, and we want to reinforce this work to grow our international trade, which will benefit both Peru and my country," Urs said.

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