U.S.: Enzed Exotics to exhibit at NYPS2017 amid high hopes for upcoming season

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U.S.: Enzed Exotics to exhibit at NYPS2017 amid high hopes for upcoming season

New Zealand-based Kiwano horned melon grower Enzed Exotics will be first-time exhibitors at next week's New York Produce Show to kick off their season in January, amid expectations for a successful campaign. 

After nearly 50% growth in U.S. sales since 2015, the company expects to see a continued upward trend in using the unique fruit as a staple item in various recipes.

Enzed Exotics says that for more than 30 years it has mastered the art of growing its natural Kiwano using New Zealand’s ideal growing conditions paired with the company’s experience in seed selection and quality handling techniques, while following a sustainable farming practice.

The flavor is often described as a cross within a banana, passionfruit and lime, so the increasingly popular Kiwano can be found on cocktail menus and in vibrant salads and salsas in various restaurants throughout the U.S.

“Enzed Exotics is known for having consistently high quality because our fruit is timed perfectly to be picked, shipped, and arrive at peak quality,” Enzed Exotics owner and managing director Vanessa Hutchings said.

“Thanks to mixologists and chefs, the Kiwano can be found on menus across the country, and food influencers continue to encourage the re-creation of Kiwano-inspired recipes for at-home chefs and health enthusiasts alike.”

In a release, the company explained Kiwano are packed full of nutritional benefits including magnesium, zinc, and calcium They are also a good source of beta-carotene, which gives the fruit its vibrant color and converts to Vitamin A in the body.

"As filling as a watermelon, but with less sugar and low in calories and fat, the Kiwano is an excellent healthy choice," it said.


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