U.S.: Retailers see record Pazazz apple sales two months early

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U.S.: Retailers see record Pazazz apple sales two months early

U.S. retail partners of the Pazazz apple rang in the New Year with record sales, according to Minnesota-based breeder Honeybear Brands. 

The company said early sales feedback from the first two months of availability in November and December show the variety captured an "unmatched share" of the premium apple category and drove strong, incremental sales revenue for retailers coast to coast.

“We introduced Pazazz two months early into an incredibly busy time of year for our retail partners and their customers,” said Honeybear Brands vice president of sales and marketing Don Roper.

“It's a time of year when there are so many demands on a consumer’s dollar and their attention. So these early season sales numbers are even more impressive and a real indicator of a record-breaking season ahead for the variety and our retail partners in 2018.”

Roper added that the big retail push for Pazazz was now underway for January throughout the first quarter of the year, which according to the breeder is a time of year when Pazazz really demonstrates its strength on the apple deck.

“Our team is currently conducting hundreds of demos across the country and it is still amazing to watch reactions when customers try the Pazazz apple,” says Roper.

“We put Pazazz up against consumer’s favorite apple from Honeycrisp and Kiku to Ambrosia and Jazz and it consistently outperforms these other apple varieties every time."


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