Pineapples are U.K.'s fastest growing fruit, says Tesco

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Pineapples are U.K.'s fastest growing fruit, says Tesco

U.K. supermarket chain Tesco says pineapples are the country's fastest-growing fruit, with demand at an all-time high. 

It announced that whole pineapple sales had increased by 15%, with more shoppers buying the fruit due to the versatility of the fruit and its use in main dishes, desserts and juices.

Tesco said that it’s not just the whole fruit itself that has become really popular, with demand is rising across many other areas of the food and drink spectrum too. 

For example, Tesco revealed that in the last year, sales of pineapple juice has increased by 20%, Hawaiian pizza sales have increased by 15%, and snacking pineapple fingers are up 30%.

It said that another reason for the growing popularity of the pineapple is Britain's growing interest in health foods, with the fruit containing good amounts of Vitamin C, and an 80-gram-portion counting as one of your 'five a day'.

The retailer's fresh pineapple buyer Morgan Jaquemet said: "Pineapples could soon rival the avocado as a once niche fruit suddenly gaining mainstream popularity".

"We've been focused on making it easy for our customers to enjoy this fruit, and have introduced a range of prepared snacking pineapple cut into finger sized shapes which are popular as a healthy lunchbox treat for schoolkids".

Over the last two years, Costa Rica, the leading exporter of pineapples to the U.S. and Europe, has increased production by nearly 10%, Tesco said.


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