U.S.: Local, Italian kiwifruit fetch high prices

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U.S.: Local, Italian kiwifruit fetch high prices

Prices for both U.S. and Italian kiwifruit have been significantly higher this season than the last two campaigns, according to data from the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).

Local fruit was fetching an average of US$22.40 per 9-kilogram box in week 11, 53% higher than the same week last year, while Italian kiwifruit prices were US$21.9 on average in week 12, 46% higher year-on-year.

For both countries, the season started off with higher opening prices, which then began to rise significantly at the beginning of February. Italian kiwifruit prices have been more stable over recent weeks.

California had forecast production volumes of 30,000 metric tons (MT) for the season, only slightly lower than last year's 31,324MT. For Italy, however, imports as of January were registered at 11,122MT - 32% lower than last year's 16,318MT.

This situation will likely improve the prospects of Chilean exporters, who are beginning their season and normally see the first prices registered around week 15. The current season is getting off to a slower start than last year, however, with only 75MT shipped to the U.S. as of March 23, compared to 672MT in 2017.


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