Peruvian fruit & veg exports grow by more than a third during 2018

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Peruvian fruit & veg exports grow by more than a third during 2018

Peruvian agricultural exports during the first trimester of 2018 rose 24% year-on-year to US$1.4 billion, according to the Agricultural Association of Producer Unions (AGAP).

The growth was driven by fresh fruit and vegetable exports, which jumped by 38% to US$772 million.

AGAP said fruit exports had been boosted by 45% this year, with the most notable increases in grapes, up 30% to US$314.8 million, as well as mangoes, up 38% to US$177 million, and avocados, up 146% to US$49.6 million.

Meanwhile, blueberry exports more than tripled to US$47.7 million and pomegranate exports grew by 31% to US$25.9 million.

The fresh vegetable sector also saw significant growth, with onion exports rising 50% to US$14.5 million.

Other products maintained the same levels as they did in 2017, such as organic bananas, at US$49 million, while coffee exports saw 5% growth over the same period of time to US$76 million.

Europe was the leading importer of Peru's agricultural products over the period, with volume rising by 45% to a value of US$322 million, followed by the U.S. at US$294 million (+47%), Asia at US$115 million (+11%), Central America at US$19 million (+67%) and South America at US$17 million (+23%).

The U.S. remained Peru's leading fruit and vegetable market, with exports rising 46% to US$283, while the Netherlands saw similar levels of growth to US$202 million. Growth to Spain was registered at 74%, bringing the total to US$46 million.

Ica was the leading Peruvian exporting region (US$270 million), following by Piura ($221 million) and Lima (US$72 million).

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