Chile forecasts huge increase in mandarin exports

May 24 , 2018

The Chilean Citrus Committee has forecast exports to rise by 17% this season, with mandarins driving much of the increase.

The organization expected mandarin exports to grow by 32% to 100,819 metric tons (MT), up from 76,373MT in 2017.

Orange exports are set to rise by 12% from 75,478MT to 84,449MT, while clementines are forecast to increase by 27% from 41,000MT to 51,924MT.

Lemon exports, meanwhile, are forecast to see modest growth of 1% to 78,104MT.

Chilean Citrus Committee representative Monserrat Valenzuela said the expected rise in mandarin exports is driven by new orchards coming into production and greater availability of water thanks to good rainfall last winter.

“It’s a fruit that has a great demand due as it’s easy to peel, seedless and has numerous nutritional properties,” Valenzuela said.


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