Recovery in Mexican avocado exports to China

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Recovery in Mexican avocado exports to China

Mexican avocado export volumes to China have recovered this season following a sharp year-on-year reduction in the previous campaign.

Avocado Producers and Exporting Packers Association of Mexico (APEAM) advisor Ramón Paz expected the industry would ship nearly 16,000 metric tons (MT) to the market during the season ending in June.

This figure compares to the 8,000MT shipped in the 2016-17 campaign, which fell from 14,000MT the previous year.

"In this campaign we have returned to volumes in the normal range, after last year when the harvest was around 20% lower due to an off-bearing crop," he told Fresh Fruit Portal.

He explained that the future of Mexican avocado exports to China would depend upon the availability of the fruit, as exports to the U.S. market will continue to be prioritized.

"The Chinese market has huge potential and is growing a lot, and it is going to continue growing with fruit not only from Mexico, but also from Chile, Peru and New Zealand," said Paz.

According to Paz, Mexican avocado exports to the U.S. are expected to grow 11% to 835,000MT, up from the 740,000MT last season.

In addition, 70,000MT are to be shipped to Canada and almost 65,000MT to Japan.

"These are destinations where Mexico has more than a 95% share of the market, and we will continue servicing them with punctuality and consistency," he said.

Paz added that there had been no news on the signing of the phytosanitary protocol by U.S. authorities which will allow Jalisco - the second-biggest production region after Michoacan - to export to the U.S.

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