Spain reveals weather impact on 2017-18 strawberry crop

July 20 , 2018

The 2017-2018 strawberry season has wrapped up in Spain’s main growing region, Huelva, with an 8% year-on-year decrease in total production due to poor weather at the start of the year.

Although 9% more hectares were planted, industry body Freshuelva reported that only 280,300 metric tons (MT) were produced due to the low temperatures of January and early February and the rains during late-February and March.

Returns reached US$508.9 million (437 million euros), which was 4% lower, despite prices being 4% higher on average, the organization said.

Meanwhile, blueberry production grew 15% to 38,800MT, driven by a 12% rise in hectarage. Returns increased 4% while average prices dropped 3%, it said.

Raspberry production was 19,170MT – an increase of 2%, which was accompanied by a 4% increase in average prices.

This brought gains for US$151.8 million (130.4 million euros), 4% higher year-on-year, in part thanks to a 14% rise in planted hectarage, which is now 2,212 hectares.

Finally, the blackberry season, which began at the end of February, was 3% higher year-on-year, with 1,800MT, with average prices 5% lower.

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  1. Jim says:

    The production of highbush blueberries are up 6% this year and the price has gone down 21.39% in the past month (according to So it does seem like the excess supply has driven down the prices, hopefully the farmers will have a better time later on in the season.