Argentine President visits blueberry farm amid preparations for first China exports

August 29 , 2018

Argentine President Mauricio Macri recently visited a blueberry farm in Tucuman, as the industry prepares to make the first export to the Chinese market this coming season.

Juan Manzur, Mauricio Macri and Francisco Estrada (from left to right)

The president was accompanied during the tour by Governor Juan Manzur and Francisco Estrada, president of the Producers of Blueberries of Tucumán Association (APRATUC).

The ‘El Molino’ farm grows blueberries for both the fresh and frozen markets in several destinations including the U.S., Canada, China and Europe.

The farm is located in Tucuman’s Chicligasta district and during the harvesting period employs around 2,000 workers.

Macri also spoke with Estrada about blueberry production, how the harvests are carried out, and the current state of the industry.

Estrada said that at this moment there are four farms ready to export to the Chinese market, including Kingberry, Early Crop and Hortifrut Expofresh.

During the visit, the challenge of the 30% tariff going into China was brought up with Macri, who promised to work on lowering the duty.

The first exports to China are expected to take place following a visit from Chinese officials in September. The industry gained market access in December last year.


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