U.S: NMB forecasts rise in Ecuadorian mangoes, flat Brazilian volumes

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U.S: NMB forecasts rise in Ecuadorian mangoes, flat Brazilian volumes

The U.S.-based National Mango Board (NMB) has forecast a 9% rise in imports from Ecuador this season, while supplies from Brazil are expected to be flat.

Combined shipments from Mexico, Haiti, Brazil and Ecuador during 2018 are expected to rise by a little over one million boxes year-on-year to 103.6 million boxes.

The organization estimated Ecuador would send 13.5 million boxes to the U.S., up from 12.3 million last year.

With the season running earlier than last year, according to the NMB, the campaign is expected to begin next week and last through December.

Ecuador’s main varieties are Tommy Atkins (73%), Kent (15%), Ataulfo (9%).

Brazil's mango season is expected to see 7.9 million boxes sent to the U.S. - only marginally lower than last year. The Brazilian season, which is also running a few weeks earlier than last year, began in August and will run until the first week of December.

Its main varieties are Tommy Atkins (85%), Ataulfo (8%), and Palmer (7%).

The Mexico mango season, meanwhile, is now in its final stages and expected to wrap up at the beginning of October. The NMB expects imports from its leading supplying country to total 80.8 million boxes - a minor increase from last year's 79.7 million boxes.

So far 71.8 million boxes have arrived at U.S. ports of entry.

Mexico's main varieties from North Sinaloa are Keitt (48%), Kent (36%), Ataulfo (Honey) (13%), while from other states they are Tommy Atkins (29%), Ataulfo (Honey) (27%), Kent (25%).


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