Hurricane Rosa to hit Baja California on Monday or Tuesday

September 28 , 2018

Hurricane Rosa is heading toward the North American Pacific Coast and expected to hit Baja California early next week.

Rosa is currently a category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained of 140 mph.  This is an increase from the 100 mph winds recorded yesterday.

Weathermelon said there could be structural damage and harvest and quality issues for tomatoes, bell peppers and cukes coming out of San Quintin and Vizcaino.

“Based on projections from the National Hurricane Center it is predicted that hurricane Rosa will hit northern Baja CA next Monday or Tuesday,” it said.

“Although no specific landfall location has yet been predicted, San Quintin appears to be in the direct path as of now.  San Quintin is a major summer/fall growing region of shade house tomatoes, bell peppers and cukes that ship out of San Diego, CA.

“The growing region of Vizcaino in Baja CA Sur, about 320 miles south of San Quintin may also susceptible to rain and wind.  We will keep an eye on it over the weekend and report back early next week.”


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