Tropical Storm Rosa to bring heavy rain to U.S. Southwest

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Tropical Storm Rosa to bring heavy rain to U.S. Southwest

Hurricane Rosa is now Tropical Storm Rosa as the system begins to fall apart due to the cold water of the Pacific, but substantial rainfall is still expected.

Rosa is expected to dissipate over northwestern Mexico or the southwestern United States by Tuesday, according to Weathermelon.

The affected locations have been identified by the National Hurricane Center as being from Vizcaino, BCS on the southern end up to San Quintin, BC on the northern end. 

These areas can expect rain totals of 3 to 6 inches. Yuma, Arizona is also expecting 1.5" of rain.

AccuWeather said that Rosa will spread the risk of "life-threatening flash flooding" over the interior Southwest, while a non-tropical storm spreads soaking rain into much of the balance of California this week.

"Rosa was a tropical storm as of Monday morning, local time, and is forecast to transition to a tropical rainstorm over the Four Corners region on Tuesday," according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis.

In terms of direct rainfall from Rosa, it said enough rain is forecast to be "both problematic and beneficial". The swath of rain will lead the center of the storm by hundreds of miles so that the rain will begin 24-36 hours ahead of the storm center's approach, it said.


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