HAB study finds demographics linked to higher avocado purchase trends

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HAB study finds demographics linked to higher avocado purchase trends


Mission Viejo, CA – Avocado shoppers are a diverse group, spanning many cultural and economic backgrounds, and they don’t all display the same avocado purchase behaviors. For example, among total avocado-purchasing households, Hispanic households tend to be more involved in the avocado category, with an avocado household buying rate that is +45% higher than for Non-Hispanic avocado households. To understand what might be driving this high level of involvement, a new Hass Avocado Board (HAB) study – Hispanic Avocado Shopper Insights – investigated six key demographic variables of both Hispanic and Non-Hispanic avocado-purchasing households.

This new study, based on household purchase data from the IRI Consumer NetworkTM,  found that five of the six demographic variables analyzed appear to be factors in the higher per household avocado spend by Hispanic avocado households:

  • Household size (number of people in the household)
  • Presence of children
  • Marital status of head of household
  • Age of head of household
  • Household location (in high or low population cities)

“Hispanic avocado shoppers are heavily engaged in the category,” explains Emiliano Escobedo, executive director of the Hass Avocado Board. “And these demographic insights help connect the dots between the purchase data and the real consumers who are purchasing and making avocados a regular part of their lifestyle and meal plans.”

The study found household size to be a likely factor in the higher avocado spend rate for Hispanic households. Hispanic households tend to be larger, with a greater percentage of Hispanic households consisting of three or more people (62%), than non-Hispanic households (41%). Additionally, these three- or more-person Hispanic households account for the majority (64%) of total Hispanic household avocado purchases.

While household size includes all occupants – adults and children – Hispanic households are more likely to include children. Fifty percent of Hispanic households have children at home, whereas this number drops to only 33% for Non-Hispanic households. Along with the greater presence of children, 78% of Hispanic heads of household are married compared to 65% of Non-Hispanic heads of household.

Age of head of household is another demographic factor that distinguishes Hispanic avocado households from Non-Hispanic avocado households. Hispanic household heads tend to be younger than their non-Hispanic counterparts, with the youngest age group (18 to 34) comprising the largest share of Hispanic households (31%). In contrast, this 18 to 34 age group makes up only 20% of non-Hispanic households. Additionally, the oldest age group (55+) accounts for only 23% of Hispanic households, while comprising 44% of non-Hispanic households.

The study also looked at whether Hispanic and non-Hispanic avocado households were located in high-population or low-population cities. Counties representing the metropolitan areas of the 25 highest population U.S. cities are designated “A” counties. The study found that a greater proportion of Hispanic households (56%) are located in “A” counties compared to only 42% of non-Hispanic households.



Five of the six demographic variables studied are likely contributors to the heavier category engagement of Hispanic avocado shoppers. 



The sixth variable investigated was household annual income level. The study found that households with higher income levels ($70,000+) make up a slightly smaller share of Hispanic avocado households (42%) than non-Hispanic avocados households (46%). For this reason, it appears that income level may not be a key factor driving the higher Hispanic avocado purchase trends. On the other hand, household size, presence of children, marital status, age, and household location do appear to be notable influencing factors and paint a profile of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic avocado shoppers, which retailers and marketers can use to hone their messaging to key consumer targets.

To learn more about the impact of Hispanic households and their avocado purchase behaviors, visit https://www.hassavocadoboard.com/retail/market-basket-shopper-trends. Sign up here for the Hass Avocado Board’s Hass Insights Newsletters to receive updates on current retail avocado trends delivered straight to your inbox.

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