Mexico: Cold and wet weather could hit lime, berry production

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Mexico: Cold and wet weather could hit lime, berry production

Production of fruits including limes and berries in Mexico may be affected by significant rain and cooler temperatures expected over the coming days, according to Weathermelon.

The major lime-growing state of Veracruz is set to see heavy rain from Friday through Monday, with the heaviest day due to come on Sunday. 

Michoacan, an important berry-growing state, is also set to be affected by the weather, with minimum temperatures about 10°F below average over the next ten days.

"Depending on the exact location the minimum temps will range anywhere from the low 50s down into the low 40s with temperatures getting progressively cooler throughout next week," Weathermelon said.

"The coldest night of the week will be next Friday, Nov 2 when temps will dip down to 42° in some locations."

For the tomatoes, another important crop in Mexico, growing locations for the northeast and central growing regions will also see cooler weather next week.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica is expecting heavy rains over the weekend, with Sunday likely to see up to 3" of rain in the main pineapple growing regions.

In the U.S., California's  San Joaquin Valley is expected to see temperatures no high than the low 50s, while the Southeast is also set to experience cold temperatures.

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