China: Fruit retailer Pagoda achieves record orders for Singles Day

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China: Fruit retailer Pagoda achieves record orders for Singles Day

Pagoda, one of China's leading fruit online and offline retail chains, says that it received more than one million orders on Singles Day this year, double last year's level.

Singles Day takes place every years on Nov. 11 and is the world's biggest shopping event - larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

This year was the first time Pagoda took part in a full omnichannel Singles Day campaign, selling across different channels both online and offline to improve the user experience, according to local media  [in Mandarin].

Some of the orders were delivered to customers in just 15 minutes. In China now it is becoming increasingly common to offer fresh food deliveries within 30 minutes.

According to consumer data provided by the company, imported bananas were the most ordered fruit. 

During Singles Day, Pagoda’s online app totaled 260,000 sales orders, with sales also made with third-party platforms like JD Daojia, Meituan, and, on which Pagoda was the top-selling store.

Pagoda says it took advantage of its consumer knowledge provided by its more than 3000 bricks-and-mortar stores to have more in-depth information about market characteristics and consumer trends to boost its online digitalization of the operation.

Most of the sales came from Shenzhen, followed by Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou.



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