Spanish fruit exports see lower volume in 2018 but maintain value

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Spanish fruit exports see lower volume in 2018 but maintain value

Spanish fruit exports last year through November declined by 6% to 6.3 million metric tons (MT) but managed to rise in value by 2% to 6.9 billion euros.

Farming organization FEPEX said that stonefruit saw the biggest volume declines over the period, but their export value either stayed flat or declined by a much smaller percentage.

Peach exports fell in volume by 15% to 381,000MT but rose in value by 1% to 381 million euros, nectarines fell by 24% in volume to 357,000MT and only 3% in value to 408 million euros, while plums fell by 28% in volume to 71,000MT and by 13% in value to 86 million euros.

The situation was similar in the berry category, which overall saw a 8% drop in volume to 277,000MT but a 1% value uptick to 582 million euros. Within the category, blueberries saw the biggest growth, rising 26% in volume to 57,500MT and 17% in value to 323 million euros, while raspberries rose 10% in volume to 46,000MT and 1% in value to 349 million euros.

Meanwhile, Spain's vegetable exports rose by 4% to 4.7 million MT and saw a flat value of 4.6 billion euros. This means that overall, Spain's combined fruit and vegetable exports dropped in volume by 2% but rose in value by 1%.




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