Australia grants market access to South Korean Kyoho grapes

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Australia grants market access to South Korean Kyoho grapes

South Korea's agricultural ministry said on Wednesday it has won approval from its Australian counterpart to ship Kyoho grapes there starting this year, according to the Korea Herald.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said it has paved the way for South Korean farms to ship the black seeded grapes, which are normally larger than typical breeds, to Australia under a simple procedure.

The ministry has been requesting Australia ease regulations in terms of quarantines since 2017.

Starting this year, the grapes can be shipped without an additional decontamination process, if the exporter can prove the farms carried out comprehensive food safety measures, the article reported.

With the latest decision, South Korea will be shipping two kinds of grapes to Australia, including the Campbell Early type. 

The world's sixth-largest exporting country has only been sending Campbell Early grapes to Australia since 2012. The ministry said the latest deal falls in line with Seoul's efforts to bolster sales of high-end fruits and vegetables overseas. 

The development comes weeks after Australia granted table grape market access to India.

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