U.S.: Heavy flooding in Northern California vineyards

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U.S.: Heavy flooding in Northern California vineyards

Heavy rain in the wine growing regions of Northern California over recent days has caused massive flooding, with up to 10 inches falling over a 48-hour period.

The Russian River, which runs through the valley of the same name on Friday was 14 inches above flood stage, flooding out vineyards and small towns surrounding the city of Santa Rosa, said agricultural weather forecasting company Weathermelon.

The Napa River which runs through Napa Valley was also above flood stage. 

"Although this a terrible disaster for the residents of the area, this type of water should not affect grape vines which are currently dormant," Weathermelon said.

The coastal growing regions of Santa Maria and Oxnard are set to receive more rain on Saturday and then get hit by a larger storm on Tuesday and Wednesday, which could affect strawberry harvests.

Norm Groot, the executive director of the Monterey County Farm Bureau, reportedly says the rain has not been an issue up to now for plantings of lettuce and other vegetables, which aren't due to begin until mid-March. But they could become a factor in planting schedules if this moisture pattern continues going into March.


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