Golden Bay Fruit creates “One of a Kind” show in Southeast Asia

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Golden Bay Fruit creates “One of a Kind” show in Southeast Asia


Golden Bay Fruit, the biggest apple grower-packer-exporter-marketer of New Zealand’s Southern Island revealed in Vietnam its new brand identity highlighting its integrated supply chain – “100% direct from growers” to consumers, but also on its “unique” Taste.

“We are very focused to deliver to our customers the “One of a Kind” experience when dealing with us”, says Heath Wilkins, GBF Founding Partner & CEO. “Thanks to our expansion in SEA with our Singapore office opened in June 2018, our new automated state of the art packing facility inaugurated last month, we are more than ever determined to offer our customers the most direct source for unique quality fruit from New Zealand.”

Golden Bay Fruit Marketing team has developed in the past months the whole GBF set of Point of Sales Materials (POSM) including but not limited to sampling booth, flagliner, wobbler, and also new branded retail packaging format with cardboard retail tray pack of 3 or 4 pieces. The changes are also happening online with the whole Golden Bay Fruit social medias range (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) gathering all their company and exclusive brands news and videos (even with multilingual subtitles), without forgetting the QR code system linking to GBF website.

“We thought it was the right time for us to develop such tools for our customers to not only drive the sales but especially participate in informing the consumers about GBF”, said Julien Baumann, GBF SEA Business Development Manager based in Singapore. “After months of work, brainstorming and planning, we are happy to finally see this becoming real and seeing consumers loving it even more than expected!

“We started to run GBF activities in Vietnamese supermarkets but will expand to other SEA countries next month”, said Patrick Meikle, GBF Global Commercial Manager who joined with Julien the first show. “One of the most exciting things is the customisation step when we see our brand key visuals being adapted and translated into many languages”, added Julien.

Golden Bay Fruit will be running in-stores promotions across Asia, starting next month. They will be also launching soon in-store activities for their exclusive apple new varieties Cherish™ and Miranda.

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