Washington cherries from Rainier Fruit - The taste of summer from the premium supplier

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Washington cherries from Rainier Fruit - The taste of summer from the premium supplier


(Selah, Washington) - Northwestern Washington is known for not only its apples and pears, but also its renowned cherries. The prime growing conditions of Washington State create the perfect plump, juicy, and flavor-packed cherries enjoyed around the world and Rainier Fruit has long been a trusted brand that always delivers on quality and flavor.

How is this year’s crop looking?

Experts at Washington’s premiere cherry grower, Rainier Fruit, say their cherries will be available mid-June with volume building quickly. The 2018 season ended as one of the best on record with some of the best quality and flavor in nearly 30 years and the 2019 crop looks to be a repeat of 2018.  

The weather during bloom has been near ideal with moderate day temperatures and warm nights that have set a nice crop for all varieties including Chelans, Bings, Skennas and other varieties. Additionally, the prime weather was perfect for pollination and it has set a good crop of manageable volume.

Rainier Fruit produces both Dark Red Sweet Cherries and Rainiers, known for their yellow flesh and sweet flavor.  Size and volume will be ample and with excellent export quality. Rainier Fruit is anticipating a great cherry season, with increased demand after last year’s high quality cherry crop.

Cherries will be available in the Rainier Fruit brand in a multitude of packs and sizes including the traditional 5kg and 20 lb loose cartons.

Just like the warm summer weather, Washington cherry season won’t be here forever. Don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of this special time while it lasts! Look for cherries from Rainier Fruit and enjoy the best flavor of the season.


About Rainier Fruit: Rainier Fruit is a multi-generation, vertically integrated fruit company based in Selah, WA.  For more than 100 years, Rainier Fruit has cultivated a culture of stewardship that extends from their orchards to their communities that has made them an industry leader in the production of apples, pears, cherries and blueberries.

Contact: Troy Howard, Director of Export Sales, Rainier Fruit Co., 509-697-3996

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