Mexico to complete berry campaign with high export volumes

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Mexico to complete berry campaign with high export volumes

Mexico's export season for its berries is coming to a close, with noteworthy success in its blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry categories.

Blueberries were a particular standout, said Juan José Flores, CEO of Aneberries. The country is still dispatching a light amount of the fruit but expects to have shipped 48,000 metric tons (MT) by the campaign's end, he explained. If so, its export volume will have grown 63.7% compared to the previous season.

In the case of strawberries, he told PortalFrutí that the season closed in mid-April with about 158,000 MT. Meanwhile, he explained that the country would finish its raspberry export campaign at around 135,000 MT.

Regarding distribution, Flores commented that 97% of the season's total export volume was shipped to the U.S. The remaining 3% was divided among 33 countries in either Asia or Europe. 

"We have the goal of diversifying the markets, increasing the volume from the current 3% to 10% towards destinations apart from Canada and the U.S.," said Flores.

However, despite the rise in export volumes, Flores explained that the returns were lower during Mexico's berry campaign this year.

Blueberry cultivation

The CEO of Aneberries stressed that during the last berry campaign, Mexico saw an increase in blueberry plantings in pots.

"In the case of blueberries, there are more new plantings in containers, in bags or in pots, and that allows us to be much more efficient in the general management of the crop.

"There is a very marked difference between the yield of a plant directly established in the soil and a plant in a container worked with a substrate."

Meanwhile, Flores stressed that there is also a trend towards producing with a greater awareness of water use.

"Most of the crops are already watered with a drip irrigation system."

The director of Aneberries also highlighted two key elements that industry producers should consider.

He emphasized that producers who are interested in venturing into blueberry cultivation should consider the needs of the market.

Flores added that producers should aim to build trust with companies so that corporations regard them as trusted suppliers.

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