North American avocado exports recover

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North American avocado exports recover

Avobook’s week 27 report noted a significant recovery in North American avocado exports, with Mexico regaining its usual dominant position, accounting for 40% of the region’s shipments. The nation is followed by the state of California with a 35% share of the market.

In Peru's case, the country increased its weekly shipments to 10.5 million pounds, consolidating its presence in North America with a 17% share of the market.

The South American powerhouse continues to lead in Europe with a 75% share, while its almost exclusive presence in China remained stable but could face a gradual decline, according to Avobook's report.

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An upward trend is observed in several markets, especially in Europe and Asia, driven by the reduction in Peruvian fruit volumes.

In Spain, good prices are expected to continue in the coming months, while in China, shortages have led to corresponding increases in all avocado sizes.

Review the full report here.

The Global Avocado Summit, organized by the Chilean Avocado Committee and the Yentzen Group, will be held on November 21 at the Casino Monticello event center in Chile.

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