SanLucar overhauls company structure, hands control back to founders

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SanLucar overhauls company structure, hands control back to founders

Although SanLucar is anticipating a successful 2018-19 campaign, with 9% forecast sales growth to about 440 million euros (about US$490 million) in sales, the multinational fruit company has decided to overhaul its organizational system.

It has announced that it will be eliminating the company's CEO position for the short- and medium-term. As a result, Michael Brinkmann, who formerly held the role, has left the corporation.

Meanwhile, the two founders of SanLucar, Stephan Rötzer and Jorge Peris, will take over management again.

With this change, the company says it hopes to concentrate even more on its operations, setting the course for the future.

"From field to fork, our priority is to successfully perform all our value chain activities”, says Stephan Rötzer, founder and owner of the company.

"That is why we have opted for a structure, in which the best experts in each part of the value chain lead the decision-making process."

He explains that this process starts with the selection of varieties, cultivation and logistics. From there, it progresses to presentation and advice at the point of sale.

SanLucar to expand its specialists' roles

By relying on its own specialists, the company believes it'll be able to provide superior-quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

“These experts are already in our management team. And we want to expand their responsibilities to drive our continued growth”, comments Rötzer.

“Thanks to their know-how in their respective areas of expertise, we will continue working to differentiate the SanLucar brand in the global fruit and vegetable market”.

Though the company is moving forward in a new direction, it has voiced its gratitude for its former CEO.

Rötzer says: "We are very grateful to Michael Brinkmann for his dedication and commitment over all these years.

"Michael Brinkmann has made a very important contribution to the current structure and also to the positive development of the last years."

He emphasizes the reason for the company's major revision. "We are convinced that the clear focus on operations will help us to continue to be innovative at all levels."


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