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U.S.: FDA finds no salmonella outbreak source at Del Monte facility

An outbreak of Salmonella Infantis was reported earlier this year in Wisconsin and Minnesota, with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services initially linking the cases to a Del Monte facility in Kankakee, Illinois, that produced vegetable trays.

However, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and state partners investigated the processing facility, they were unable to find an outbreak source.

In addition to the facility, the FDA also investigated distribution and supplier information for produce used in the vegetable trays. These investigation activities did not identify a single source or potential point of contamination for this outbreak.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services originally announced that vegetable trays produced by Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc. and sold at Kwik Trip convenience stores in Wisconsin and Minnesota were linked to the outbreak.

The announcement - regarding three illnesses in Wisconsin and one illness in Minnesota - was made on May 21, 2019.

According to Wisconsin authorities, these patients reported becoming ill between April 13 and April 27, 2019.

Afterward, Kwik Trip has voluntarily removed all Del Monte vegetable trays from its stores.

It is not likely that the trays the Wisconsin Department of Health Services warned against eating from at that time are still on the market or in people’s homes.

Still, the FDA reminds consumers that they should consult their healthcare provider if they suspect that they have developed symptoms that resemble a Salmonella infection.

The most recent illness onset was on May 15, it comments.

It clarifies that this outbreak was not related to the Cyclospora infections linked to Del Monte vegetable trays in 2018.