U.S.: AeroFarms launches new line of microgreens to "disrupt" category

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U.S.: AeroFarms launches new line of microgreens to

Vertical farming pioneer AeroFarms has launched a new line of microgreens under its retail brand Dream Greens.

It will begin selling two flavorful varieties - Micro Super Mix and Micro Spicy Mix. They are now available at all Whole Foods Market locations in the Northeast as well as online via FreshDirect. 

This retail debut builds upon the success of AeroFarms' microgreens food service program that launched last year.

The company grows all Dream Greens microgreens indoors at its aeroponic vertical farms in New Jersey.

AeroFarms says its microgreens strongly align with all the major grocery trends for produce. These include local, flavor-forward, sustainability, health & wellness, and visual appeal. 

In addition to being a flavorful & attractive garnish, a big handful of Dream Greens microgreens makes for an elevated salad base, side dish, & center-of-the-plate ingredient, it says.

Harvested after just a few days, the microgreens provide more nutrient density than their mature green counterparts.  

“We have had tremendous demand and interest in our microgreens, and we are thrilled to be launching at Retail our beautiful, pristine micro mixes that we think will disrupt the leafy greens category with the ultimate in nutrient density and peak favor,” says Marc Oshima, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at AeroFarms.  

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